Welcome to The Tejón Union

As kids, we grew up taking long road trips, camping, and riding things on two wheels. When we met six years ago, we bonded over a love of adventure travel and the shared loss of freedom that happens when you raise kids and build a career. After dating for a few months, we joined a group of friends during the 4th of July weekend at the famed Marfa Boarding House. We couldn’t help but fall in love with Far West Texas. Spending time out west changed us and rekindled that spark of wildness.

We got one motorcycle and then another. We started riding more and taking longer trips on the bike. And our conversations shifted from the things we wanted to buy to the things we wanted to do. Adventures we wanted to take.  Old friends we wanted to see again. How could we build the life we wanted instead of the one we had accepted? The first step in that direction was selling a bunch of our things, loading up what was left in a Uhaul truck, and heading west to Marfa with our pups, Alabama and Bear.

In March of this year, we took a ride out to Chinati Hot Springs and while drinking ranch waters in the outdoor pool, decided the time was right to open a motorcycle shop. We tossed around some names but nothing felt right. We took the long way home and turned down a narrow dirt road where we spotted a badger. He clocked us and then scurried off back to his den. It was a sign. Tejón Motorcycle Union was christened.

Right now we're just selling moto gear online while we search for the perfect spot to build our shop. We’re building a creative community of wild spirits who want to have fun and be outdoors. We hope you’ll join us for the ride.

x Gary & Le

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